4 years ago

The aftermath of 12th General Election (GE12) showed how divided Malaysians were among racial lines and how the continual harping on issues that divides us, created an irrepressible wave of unhappiness that translated into ever increasing attacks on the very communities that had worked together for so long to build and develop this nation. Given the increased levels of distrust and lost of focus on building a developed country, our aim of achieving VISION 2020’s objective of a collaborative society and vibrant economy is in serious doubt.

Malaysians need to reconcile and unite once again in order to become a fully developed and high-income nation consisting of a vibrant, united and prosperous multiethnic population by 2020. In addition, we must regain our focus on overcoming the 9 challenges of vision 2020. On the 4th of July 2014, a group of individuals established ONE – The Organisation for National Empowerment (Pertubuhan Pemerkasaan Nasional – PPM-040-14-26012016). They are youths with diverse beliefs and backgrounds but have one thing in common; a strong desire to address the challenge of inspiring unity among Malaysians from the bottom up and assist in the realisation of vision 2020.