By Azeem Abu Bakar

With the victory of Macron a new era begins. 

He is a centrist, technocrat and most importantly; young. 

Here are 3 reasons to why we can look forward to an exciting future.

Centrist policies are the only sustainable option for an increasingly sophisticated, multicultural society. Centrist policies are inclusive, balanced and more likely to promote tolerance. 

Technocratic rule – they generally have greater intellectual capacity to lead an increasingly educated society. 

Young leaders – The future will be lived in by the youngsters, so why not let them build it?

Only just last year in 2016 Macron started his party En Marche! (Forward) championing these ideals. Today he won a decisive victory against the far right Le Pen whom belongs to an old guard party National Front. 

France wants something fresh and a hope for a more tolerant, inclusive and progressive society. 

So does Malaysia… which is why we (ONE) are here today. 

Azeem is the Secretary General of ONE. A movie junkie, loves to swim and a firm non-believer of ghosts.