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Salam ONEsters!

Isn’t moderation a funny thing? We currently live in a generation that understands the importance of moderation as the pillar of modern Malaysia since independance, and how ironic it is that now we yearn for the return of it. The call for moderation to be practiced and incorporated into our daily lives from governance to enforcement is increasing in strength, however the truth of it may be that the call for moderation may be stunted as it is championed by the moderate thinkers who may not even represent the majority. While the movement for moderation is highly commendable, we need to delve deeper into its impact to areas other than urban towns, and especially the non-English speaking percentage of the population. Furthermore, moderation is a subjective issue, as one that is moderate in extremity views his actions and thinking as a non issue; where is the line drawn? 

However, fear not! For ONE is certainly moderate in our approach and thinking, yet extreme in our movement of achieving moderation! We’ve been pretty busy lately. In fact, if the newspapers are anything to go by, the whole country has been busy. Some have called for the biggest ‘street party’ to take place soon, known as Ber5ih. On the other side are those who are not fans of the movement, and thus clashes have happened between the Yellow and Red shirts. On the political scene, it seems that Malaysia is far from removing racial differences and blaming the other side, with accusations of past leaders and vice versa, past leaders accusing the current powers that be, wth the people getting stuck in the thick of the drama. Important highlights would be the delineation of electoral areas, and the consideration of crowdfunding as a new platform for political financing. Certainly, many things to keep us busy to follow up on! 

It’s interesting to note that issues such as realignment of electoral areas and crowdfunding for political financing are just some of the issues that ONE has raised before, and we’re glad that the authorities are looking into them. 

Ah ONEsters, we’ve been getting great coverage as well! In August, Tatler Magazine covered ONE as the feature for their Merdeka special, and in their attempts to unearth movements that affect the ground, they chose us to highlight our efforts. It was certainly an interesting experience, and we hope that it gained the attention that it required in raising awareness. I am sure that you would agree with me that our VP Miss Hannah Kam looked fabulous on the cover! 


Our articles have consistently been shared by The Sun and The Star by our contributors, namely Danial Rahman on his views on higher education in the country. All you have to do is search his name in Google and you’ll find his write ups. Intriguing reads for sure! Oh, and yours truly have been busy with a few articles too!

A special shoutout to The Star is certainly in order. They have been very kind in giving our members an opportunity to participate in sharing their thoughts. Recently they launched their exclusive ‘Moderation’ book; a collection of short essays by prominent writers in the country on their views on moderation. It’s just been launched and you can purchase it at all major bookstores. In it, you will find Hannah Kam, Alia Aishah and Danial Rahman as co-authors. Their photos are there too, and we’re thoroughly proud of their achievements! Certainly a great read, and it will be money well spent. 


The future will come no matter how prepared we are. Positivity will bring out the best outcome from the worst of circumstances. With that, there is plenty to look forward to as we fast forward to the end of the year. ONE is working exclusively with the Ministry of Higher Education on the perception of higher education in Malaysia, and how it can be improved, and what we could possibly be lacking. Rather than doing intensive studies, we are engaging students from private institutions to find out their views, the reason being so that while they are the ones who are in higher education now and are essentially the ones who are affected by any changes in the system, it appears that no one is taking the initiative for them to be heard, and this is worrying as they are our future. We’ll be holding a competition for them to come up with projects and programs, and the winners will gain an exclusive opportunity to work with the Ministry. 


Other than that, head over to our website! The latest Charter 2057 is up, along with the teaser video on points that the public have raised as to how they see Malaysia in 2057. Do have a read, and do watch our videos. 

Wishing everyone a great October ahead. We’d love to hear from you, whether criticism, or bright shining ideas on how to move forward. We love you, because we love Malaysia. As C.S. Lewis said, “To love at all is to be vulnerable.” We mustn’t conform ourselves to mediocrity or comfort, instead to take the risk of what could possibly be. 

Danni Rais