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Petrol price hike, the rich, the middle class and the poor.

Every average Malaysian would have these three friends. Friend Alistair, Friend Belimbing, and Friend Calamandar.

Friend Alistair work as a clerk in a factory as general worker. He has a wife and a son. Unfortunately, he didn’t do well in SPM, resulting him not getting a high pay job. His monthly income is RM 1200, and he has to feed his son and wife. He stays in sungai buloh and works in rawang. He rides a Honda Wave S125 motorcycle to work everyday. His wife is a homemaker.

Friend Belimbing is a local university graduate with 8 years of working experience as an engineer in a local air conditioning manufacturing company. He has a wife and two children. He stays in PJ old town and works in Kota Damansara. He earns RM 7600, while his wife works as a tuition teacher and has an income of RM 3500. Their combined income is RM 11100. Both kids are in their primary. They have two cars . He drives a honda civic, and his wife drives a Vios. Their kids are in government primary and secondary school. 

Calamandar owns a company with annual revenue of 50 million, selling plastics mould machines from japan and Taiwan. His takes him RM 40,000 as salary being the CEO, and also RM 35000 per month. His bonus can go up to 8 months if business is good . So you can expect him to bring home around average RM90,000 per month home. His wife is a Home maker too. They have 3 children. He drives an Audi A6 (non hybrid), his wife drives a Mercedez C200, and he owns an alphard with a driver, a maid, and stays in a bungalow in Bangsar. Their kids went to Gardens international school.

And then one day, the government decided to reduce subsidy of petrol Ron 95 by 20 cent, causing the price to hike from 2.10 to 2.30.

Belimbing and his wife went into panic. They quickly drove their car to pump a full tank. Both the civic and Vios. Calamandar and his wife didn’t go panic. They just instructed the driver to make sure all three cars were filled up full tank before 12am. Alistair didn’t even care about the price hike.

And then, the three friends met together and cursed the goventment for reducing the petrol subsidy.

Belimbing did the calculation for his family. Their combined income was RM 11,000. They spend approximately RM 800 per month on petrol. 550 for Civic, 250 for Vios (home drive). Their monthly expenditure excluding savings and investments/insurance, is RM 6000. With the increased petrol, their petrol spending goes up from Rm 800 to around RM 880. Because of increment in food, and their children’s bus driver fee (by RM 12 per month), their monthly expenditure increased by around RM 90 out of the RM 6000. (This rm 90 is comprises of the 12 bucks in school bus increment, 10 cent and 20 cent here and there from Kopi, mamak, economic rice). He said luckily his wife still cook, and rice salt sugar were controlled so no price increase. Only vegetable and chicken goes up by average RM0.50-1. He now has RM 200 less to spend out of his RM11,000 income, and hope that his increment this year would be more than 5% to comfortably cover this.

Calamandar sigh too, lambasting the “corrupt” government. He spent around RM 4000 on petrol for his Audi, his wife’s Mercedez, and also the family alphard. His monthly expenditure to maintain the bungalow house, maid, driver, electricity, tuition fee etc goes to RM 55,000 per month. Because of the petrol hike, his car petrol now cost him RM 400 more, and the price hike on goods incurred cause his monthly expenditure to increase by around 2000. He now has RM 2400 less to spend. He told Belimbing , you only lose RM 200, I had to pay 2400 more because of this bloody government!

Alistair wasn’t perturbed at all. He told Belimbing and Calamander, he spend Rm 1000 on his family, kid got SPBT free text book, he receives the rm 50 every month (600 year) BR1M. His wife cook everyday. The price hike on petrol cost him RM 3 more per month on Petrol, and his monthly expenditure rose by RM 9 because of certain food price hike. So he has RM 12 less to spend every month because of this. But RM 12, he told himself, syukurlah. Belimbing has RM200 to lose, and Calamander has RM 2400 to lose! As he went home, he told his wife to dig out her RM600 Br1m money he hide in his Soda biscuits box, and told himself, he finally can start to use the 50 bucks per month to cover the RM 12 he has to spend extra.

The story ended with Three brooms sound. Broom of the honda wave, broom of the Civic, and broom of the Audi. Moral of the story? It’s time to make the rich, who make so much from the society, to return more to the society. 

Selamat beratur at the petrol station.