Have you seen my brother?
He said he’s gone to make things right,
But I think he’s getting into a fight,
And might end up playing for the wrong side,
Cause my brother,
He can’t even tell his left from his right,

Have you seen my brother?
He’s not answering calls from father,
Nor come back to comfort distraught mother,
Who’s now already seen the cut-outs of newspapers,
I’d tried to hide under my bed covers.

Have you seen my brother?
No, that’s not him
The face is a bit slim
And the lighting a bit dim
And it’s just, it’s really not him

Have you seen my brother?
Could you tell him to not play with fire,
And I know that he is not a liar,
But they say he’s committed murder,
Does he not think about frail old mother,

Have you seen my brother?
Those he says he’s fighting for,
He’s only fighting against,
Those demons he’s warning of,
He’s only become one of them.

Have you seen my brother-
What? You have?
Oh no, no…
YOU cannot be MY brother
My brother never carries a knife in one hand and a rifle in the other
He would never hurt no innocent bystander
And use the word of God to justify it either
Because My brother loves God and His messenger
So he could never distort holy words just to create terror

No, don’t you dare point your gun at me
You cannot force from me no empathy
You’ve taken my brother you’ll not also have me
Over my cold dead shrivelled body

Can anyone bring back my brother?
His body has been hijacked by this stranger
What’s left of him fading into nothing but a glimmer
Only a shadow of the once familiar

So if today, I die a martyr
Tell them that this was not my brother.


by Amalina Zakri, Warwick University