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 Danni Rais

 Political and Humanitarian Activist



The history of any nation always makes for an interesting read. How far one wants to dwell into the annals of history is subjective, but certainly history has a funny way of reminding us that while one thing leads to another, upon reflecting the future, it all happened for a reason.

The tales of struggles, perseverance,  lost lives, sacrifices, all amounts to inspiring moments that makes anyone become in awe of history.

Malaysia is no different. She too has gone through the rigours of history. The struggles of shaking off the shackles of the British colonists, the lead up to independence, and everything that has happened since, that has brought us to where we are now.

Politics has always been the main stay that progresses a nation. It is inevitable that the policies that shapes a nation is only determined by those who hold office. In Malaysia’s case, she has had one ruling party directing the nation since independance. Although they have remained, elected, through the practices of democracy, it appears the winds of change has blown into the desires of the voting population.

The current political climate is worth a dozen or so articles at least. However the rakyat now sees the constant arguing between both sides, be it of substance or of childish banter. They have become fatigued by it.

It cannot be taken lightly that for any organisation or party, the future lies in the hands of the next generation; the youth. The question now is, just how many youngsters do we know are a registered political party member, compared to 10 or 20 years ago? How many of them care enough to be the next generation of leaders, or nation builders, to ensure the progress of the nation continues only in one direction – forwards. Whether they are willing to shoulder the burden, or continue to lament on the lack of quality leadership, is also for them to decide.

To have youthful euphemism vote in every election is a waste of conducive brains. The country is at a tipping point, and we can no longer depend on the talk of a few and for the masses to just listen and decide. What is needed now is a platform to gather thoughts and ideas in which the youth feel comfortable enough to participate, or to get an insight as to what their peers are thinking, and to therefore agree or to disagree. Of course, such enlightenment must be done from an intellectual standpoint.

Cue in the Organisation for National Empowerment, or more affectionately known as ONE. A nation building NGO started by a few like minded friends who all realised that a platform needed to be built as a basis of gathering young intellects intrigued on how they can help propel a nation forward. What began as mere coffee talk has ended up with the realisation of this group, its formation uprooted in the most noble of forms.

Every citizen has an idea or a thought. Political parties weigh in with their preconceived biasness, and so may not be attractive to many. Pro and anti establishment supporters also have ideas, but just as birds of a feather flock together, so do their thoughts, being shared only by like minded souls. It is certainly very rare to see opposing views be published moderately.

So on the basis of being apolitical, the functions of ONE was broken down into 6 clusters; Education, Economy, Mature Democracy, Unity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, all being identified as major initiatives in a modern developing country. Coincidentally, they are very similar to the 9 key initiatives idenitified when the dream of Wawasan 2020 was conjured.

Each cluster plays a vital role; both from a synergistic approach and on their own, yet functioning in their own unique way to achieve results tailored for their respective clusters. For example, the Education cluster would be more insightful based, taking on opinions of those from the education sector and ordinary people on their views of the national education system. They would have to study different aspects of education and also monitor the latest development, as no country is built for the future without sound education as its defining pillar. This would be somewhat similar to Mature Democracy, in educating the public at large of the various democratic systems that exists in this world. The same can be said of Economy, except this time, the aim is to relay the necessary information and issues in a lay man’s way, so as for easier understanding by those who are not familiar with fancy economic jargon.

On the other hand, the method adopted by Unity, Innovation and Entrepeneurship would be more hands on with their approach. It will require them to go out, be with the public, and to reach out to the youth and educate them on the importance of unity and where we are now lacking, finding new ways to innovate from various points of view and sectors, and need to know skills for budding entrepreneurs.

As the common notion goes, every little effort goes a long way. While being arm chair critics is a great method to passively burn the calories, engaging one another on issues that matter would spur the mindset of the next generation.

I invite you to join along in our endeavours. Let us have a voice. Let us send out the message of progress from a common platform. If it is not us, then who else? Please publish your articles, podcasts, video blogs with us, by emailing us at admin@oneonline.my.

For love. For her, Malaysia. And to empower her people.