#ForwardTogether ONE and a few old friends spent the morning of Saturday, 31 March 2018 with the orphans at Asrama Haluan Penyayang (AHP) sharing about life journey and overcoming challenges to achieve dreams.

Azeem opened the session by pointing out that everyone has his or her own challenges to overcome. To make our way, we must have firm resolve, persistence and tenacity.

Sufiyan Abas shared about time management between studying and playing. How he became fascinated about accounting and finance and pursued a career in this field.

Azielia explained how her love towards reading led her to pursue a field she loves; political science. She stresses on the importance in harnessing your inner strength to drive your passion.

Ameenah, revealed that she too, lost her father at a young age. However, the love between the mother, sisters, brother and her keeps them going. In spite of the predicament, one can succeed with determination.

James Tan, advised that it takes character and togetherness to achieve our dreams. These values helped him overcome 59 rejections before finally gaining the support he needs to break the world record of “the youngest person to fly around the world, solo.”

Thank you Azri Malek, Azira and Aliaa Marizan for organising! To greater heights!


Watch the video here!