Sufiyan Abas

Full time accountant pursuing the ACCA. Just wanna share with people on how I manage my finances. I don’t know if you would find it useful but if you have any better ideas or would like to share on how you manage your finances, please let me know because I believe that we could help young adults manage their finances.




In every business, there is no one man show. You need a good team that can help you and support you. Finding the right people from the very start is the key to success. 

Firstly, nothing can substitute for hard work because at the end of the day, qualifications are common. It’s not hard to find someone who has a degree. What separates them from the masses are their personality, attitude and work experience. 

Secondly, be a mentor to your staff. Don’t be a know it all! You teach what you know to your staff and at the same time, learn from them what you don’t know. They may have ideas that could benefit you and the company. You have to build trust and integrity with your staff. 

Most important is, you need motivated people. How you motivate them is important. Don’t be a boss and order them around! Instead, be a well respected leader and explain to them what they are doing and how they’re adding value with the work done. 

Teach them to be a leader and they will do more for you than you actually ask

The only way you can rise within the ranks is with the help and support of your people. 

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