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 Danni Rais

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By Danni Rais

ONE and friends had an eye opening experience today. Packed food at Rumah Pengasih, a rehab centre, distributed the food to the homeless in KL together with friends from Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, visited shelters for the homeless, and had a tour of Rumah Pengasih and how they help their residents overcome their addictions.

Distributing food to the homeless during day time was a new experience for me. Seems that since DBKL has been strict with soup kitchens lately, the food has to be distributed at centres dedicated for the homeless. Second stop was at a shelter for the homeless. It houses 250 beds (halved equally between men and women) and they are allowed to stay for one month maximum (used to be 3 months). Very basic amenities but well taken care of, providing enough support for people to help them get back on their feet.

At Rumah Pengasih, we learnt that almost all the staff there are ex addicts. They help those recovering by sharing their experiences as they too understood the struggles. This was a huge learning experience for me, because addicts are no different from you and me – they are working professionals who have become consumed by their addiction. I hope to find a way to work closely with them in future. Ensuring the residents are able to re-enter society is in many ways nation building itself.

Alhamdulillah for experiences like these. And thanks to those who came out to help. Special thanks to Rosie from Pertiwi and most importantly Aunty Misah, the mother figure of Rumah Pengasih, and all the staff, for having us over. God bless you all.