Pitch for Progress: Improving the Perception of Higher Education in Malaysia

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ONE, together with Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) and supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, is excited to bring to you an awesome competition known as ‘Pitch for Progress’.


Join us and pitch to Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh, the Minister of Higher Education, your ideas on how to improve the perception of higher education in Malaysia. The best pitches stand to win amazing prizes to make your ideas happen!


At the same time, learn important leadership, persuasion, and design thinking skills from our experienced and very talented team of trainers and facilitators.



So, what’s the competition really about?

What comes to your mind when asked ‘what do you think about Malaysia’s higher education system?’

To a good number of Malaysians, the image of unemployable graduates, those unable to communicate or those who ask for too high a salary would likely appear.

While the focus tends to be on the negative perception of things, the reality is that Malaysia’s higher education system has a lot of positives.

Malaysia has world renowned scientists, top universities, and students who have shined on the world stage. Even within higher education institutions, you have great and memorable lecturers, or have conducted programmes that benefitted society – thanks to the platform provided by your institutions.

We feel there is a need to share the positive stories, to expose the good lecturers, and to highlight the successes of our higher education system. We need to generate good vibes to change the perception Malaysians have towards our higher education system.


Your task will be (i) to come up with an idea that can improve the perception of higher education in Malaysia (this can be an institutional or national level idea), (ii) pitch the idea, and (iii) stand to win prize money to enable you to carry out the idea. The idea can be in the form of a social media campaign, a short-video project, or whatever else your creative mind can think of, as long as it meets the objectives (the judging criteria can be found in the Rules & Regulations document below). That aside, the sky is the limit!


This is what Pitch for Progress is all about.


Cool! When is the competition?

Details of the competition:


Date: Friday, 3rd of March – 5th March 2017

Competition Venue: UniKL, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.


*Accommodation will be provided to all participants for the duration of the competition. The accommodation is To-Be-Determined and will be notified upon confirmation of registration.


Who is eligible and how do I register for Pitch for Progress?

The competition is open to all public and private university and university-college students.


In order to participate, teams must register via their respective institutions Student Affairs Departments – we will be sending them the registration forms and details.


Only 40 teams will be accepted. Each institution is allowed to send only 1 team and the registration will be done on a first come, first serve basis.


***Registration closed on 17 February 2017.***

The complete Rules & Regulations can be accessed here


Do I have to pay anything to participate?


No. Participation is Free-of-Charge. We are awesome like that.


You will hear from us once you have successful registered.


Please contact us at admin@oneonline.my if you have any question about the event!