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ONE – Organisation for National Empowerment

The Organisation for National Empowerment, or ONE, is a new nation building NGO spearheaded by youths seeking to encourage and empower young Malaysians to play a role in shaping their future. Led by a committee comprising Malaysians of different races, religions and ethnicities, and from all walks of life, ONE welcomes all members who are keen to be a part of our nation-building efforts.

Our Future: Vision 2057

ONE’s inaugural public event, named “Our Future: Vision 2057”, looks ahead to 100 years post-Merdeka. It seeks to bring together youths from all over the country to participate in a roundtable-style discussion relating to the themes of Economy, Education, Unity, Democracy/Politics and Women Empowerment, amongst others, and come to a stand for each of the themes discussed. The aim is to listen to views of the youth, as ONE’s Charter will therefore be formulated according to the various stands taken at this event. Subsequently, all of ONE’s members will be gathered to fight for every clause set out in the Charter.