Sufiyan Abas

Full time accountant pursuing the ACCA. Just wanna share with people on how I manage my finances. I don’t know if you would find it useful but if you have any better ideas or would like to share on how you manage your finances, please let me know because I believe that we could help young adults manage their finances.



Success is different to everyone. Everyone has their own views – some more material and some spiritual.

However, I think they work hand in hand. How do you obtain success? Is it luck? Is it hard work? Is it who you know?

I’ve read dozens of articles online that say you day to day habit is what leads to your eventual success, but what does that mean exactly?

If you have a daily action plan where you write down your goals (no matter how small) and you follow through with them, you’ll one day find yourself where you want to be and earning what you want to be earning.

1. Don’t just think about money. Think of happiness.

If you keep defining success with how much you earn, you will constantly be chasing a higher amount. That chase will never end. So make it habit to look at success as a place where you will feel happy and satisfied. 

2. Read before you start work. 

Reading a book or even just reading the newspapers everyday will kick start your brain in the morning and it will also help with your general knowledge. Try reading for 30 minutes as a start to your day.

3. Always finish your to do list. 

Get in the habit of crossing off everything you wanted to do that day. Try not to push it to another day. If you can complete your to do list everyday, you will realise that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for and it would be hard for success to elude you.

4. Keep your to do list small.

Having said that, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to complete 10 BIG tasks in one day, so keep it small. Have one or two major things that you have complete that day and make sure you finish them first. The rest of the things on your to do list should only be done after.

5. Try to measure everything.

Every goal you set needs to be measured. Such as having a timeline of sorts. The beginning, the middle, and the end. If you measure everything you do, you will have a blueprint of what you’ve done – what works and what doesn’t.

6. Wake up early.

It’s just what successful people do. They wake up, they read, they exercise. Only then do they go to work. Why? Because there are too little hours in a day.

7. Surround yourself with successful people.

What I mean by this is that you should keep people who have the same passion and drive that you have around you. Don’t hang around people who will tear you away from your work and be a distraction in your life. 

Make your success unavoidable by changing your habits.

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