Rules and Regulations


  1. Team


  • Each team shall be comprised of three (3) participants and the total number of teams shall not exceed forty (40) at any given time;
  • Each higher education institution shall not be represented by more than one (1) team respectively;
  • Members of a team must be from the same higher education institution;
  • Every participant must be a registered and currently enrolled student at their respective higher education institutions;
  • All participants shall ensure their registration forms are duly filled and the accuracy of information submitted therein. Applications for registration after 17th January 2017 shall not be entertained; and
  • Composition of the respective teams must be of mixed gender.


  1. Subject Matter of Elevator Pitch


  • Participants are at liberty to curate the content of their elevator pitch within the scope of how MOHE could improve the perceptions of higher education in Malaysia;
  • All elevator pitches shall include the tagline “Pitch for Progress”;
  • There may be more than one (1) representative speaker per team but only one (1) shall speak at a time, using courteous and appropriate language;
  • The medium of communication shall be in English and/or Bahasa Malaysia; and
  • As the elevator pitch shall be conducted orally, the use of electronic gadgets and/or visual aids during the elevator pitch is strictly prohibited. Teams in violation of this rule shall be suspended from participating further in the competition.


  1. Format


  • There shall be a total of forty (40) teams participating, consisting of 120 students from various institutions of higher education;
  • Selection of teams after submission of registration to participate in the competition shall be the prerogative of ONE and MOHE. Consideration will be given to, but not limited to, imagination of proposal, realistic achievements of project, possible impact of project, difficulties of implementation and execution; and
  • All teams selected for the competition shall partake in the preliminary round. The best eight (8) teams shall qualify to the Finals.


  1. Timing

Preliminary Rounds:


  • Each team shall be given no more than three (3) minutes to present their ideas. A bell will be rung to inform the participants that the presentation has ended; and
  • At the end of each presentations, all teams will then go through five (5) minutes of Q&A.




  • Each team shall be given no more than two (2) minutes to present their ideas. A bell will be rung to inform the participants that the presentation has ended; and
  • At the end of each presentations, all teams will then go through three (3) minutes of Q&A.


  1. Judging


  • Ideas and suggestions shall be judged by pragmatic considerations and efficacy of implementation;
  • Clarity in communicating ideas, proper use of language, quality of response during the Q&A and effective time management shall be taken into account when assessing the elevator pitches;
  • The winning teams to come up with an idea that is executable and actionable in improving the perception of higher education for MOHE at institutional or national level; and
  • The judges’ decisions are final and shall not be subject to review or appeal by the participants.


  1. Grant


  • A grant will be awarded to the top three (3) teams;
  • The grant shall not be utilized for purposes other than the execution of the ideas pitched to the MOHE;
  • Implementation shall be completed in no longer than three (3) months from the date of receipt of the grant;
  • After the period of three (3) months, each of the respective five (5) teams shall then prepare and submit a “Status Report” to ONE, setting out in detail the progress of the implementation;
  • The respective five (5) teams may submit with their Status Report supporting documents to show and/or explain the progress of the their implementation; and
  • The Status Report may be submitted to ONE via email.


  1. Miscellaneous


  • All participants must adhere and agree to all rules and regulations listed;
  • All participants must be present for both days of the competition. Failure to comply will result in the automatic disqualification of the relevant team. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of both days, and all participants must be present throughout; and
  • Amendments to team composition post-registration shall be subject to the discretion of ONE.